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Vandersteen Audio always has been and always will be a technology company. Vandersteen speakers for decades were built around Richard Vandersteen’s patented reflection-free aerodynamic midrange drivers, which remain paragons of low-distortion musicality. Minimal-baffle cabinets, bi-wiring, resonance-reducing spiked feet, battery-biased crossovers, high-pass-filtered powered subwoofers and powered-bass speakers with built-in room EQ are just some of the innovations that originated with Vandersteen Audio’s speaker products.

Vandersteen Audio’s speaker designs today are built around the most advanced dynamic drivers ever conceived, the patented Perfect-Piston™ drivers featured exclusively in Vandersteen Audio’s Model Seven Extreme and Model Kento Carbon speakers. Richard Vandersteen spent 10 years developing these Perfect Piston drivers, which utilize a totally unique carbon-fiber/balsa wood/carbon-fiber sandwich that provides perfectly pistonic driver performance and accuracy without the sonic colorations inherent in metal and ceramic drivers.





Model Seven XTRM


IT'S ALL IN THE TIMINGThe Model Seven XTR M continues a tradition to push time-and-phase correct audio reproduction to the ultimate extreme. With new pistonic side-firing drivers matched to the patented mid-range and tweeter, the XTRM brings further clarity and harmonic accuracy in a way that surprised the designers and the expert listening board. Give yourself a treat and take a listen soon.


Price: $123000 pair



Kento Carbon


The KENTO Carbon represents a ground-up re-thinking by Richard and Nathan Vandersteen. The answer came in a totally new design at the historic Model 5 price point. This speaker brings together the Model 5A carbon tweeter and the patented Carbon/Balsa core midrange from the Model Seven MK II, the Mid-Bass from the Quatro CT, with the all-new built-for-Vandersteen side-firing Counterforce pistonic 9" powered bass drivers. The result is a level of adjustment, unlike any other speaker. Available uniquely in both wood veneer and painted finishes.


Price: $61400 pair



Quatro Wood CT


Vandersteen Audio introduces the Quatro Wood CT, the latest evolution in speaker technology and sound quality to derive from the research & development efforts that delivered the patented carbon-fiber Perfect-Piston drivers used in the flagship Model 7. While the Perfect-Piston Tweeter used in the Model 7 is the fully embodied deal of high-frequency purity and resolution, the Quatro Wood CT (Carbon Tweeter) features the superb Carbon Tweeter from the renowned Model 5A Carbon.


Price: $26400 pair


Treo CT


The Vandersteen Audio speaker lineup continues to evolve due to the research and development efforts that delivered the patented carbon-fiber Perfect-Piston drivers used in the flagship Model Seven. The Treo CT feature this patented pistonic tweeter resulting in an unmatched amount of air, space, and natural purity previously heard only in Vandersteen's top speaker models: the Quatro Wood CT, KENTO, and the Model Seven.


Price: $14750 pair


3A Signature


The Model 3A Signature is a classic Vandersteen in being an extreme-performance hot rod in a brown paper bag. Prior to the introduction of the Quatro in 2006, the Model 3A Signature alone bridged the Vandersteen line from the Model 2 to the Model 5. The Model 3A Signature is loaded with the quality parts typically found in cost-no-object designs. It's a big speaker that plays really big, and yet fully realizes all of the nuance, finesse and detailed musicality of a Vandersteen.


Price: $9450 pair




In constant production since 1977 due to unprecedented popular demand, Vandersteen Audio's Model 2 is among the most wildly successful speakers in history. Well over 100,000 pairs of Model 2s have been sold in that span, a striking number of which are still listened to and cherished every day by real-world music lovers who still believe its performance-driven value proposition is as good as it gets for them. Timeless classics like the Model 2 have staying power because the designer stayed true to a vision. For the Model 2 that is sonic "dimensional purity". Price Shown Includes Stands.


Price: $5380 pair


1Ci Plus


In constant production since 1983 the Model 1 series always represents incredible value and is a great speaker to start your audio journey. From the very first Model 1 a striking number are still listened to and cherished every day by real-world music lovers who still believe its performance-driven value proposition is as good as it gets for them. Timeless classics like the Model 1 have staying power because the designer stayed true to a vision. The Model 1 gives a sample of the Model 2's sonic excellence at about half the price in a smaller, easy-to-drive package.


Price: $2780 pair




Compact Speakers




A small speaker that can. Featuring the same technology tweeter as in the top-of-the-line System NINE at 2% of the price.


Price: $4740 pair


VLR Wood


A ton of Vandersteen sound in a small, beautiful package! The VLR Wood is a compact stereo or home theater speaker for in-cabinet or stand-mounting in situations where it is domestically impossible to use Vandersteen full-range, floor-standing loudspeakers. Think of the VLR Wood as the little Vandersteen that could.


Price: $2700 pair




The Vandersteen VSM-1 is an advanced surface-mount loudspeaker optimized for the unique requirements of the rear channel positions in a multi-channel audio/video system. It was developed and refined by twenty years of intensive research into loudspeaker design and multiple speaker integration. Its innovative engineering, superior components and quality construction provide true high fidelity performance.


Price: $2330 pair






Sub 9


Vandersteen's best quality sub pair for matching with the Model Seven series of speakers.


Price: $32000 pair


Sub Three


The SUB THREE builds on the years of technology featured in the 2WQ but with increased performance with a power factor correct switch mode power supply to a more powerful 325-watt internal amplifier and an upgrade from stamped steel to cast aluminum baskets on the three 8-inch drivers. For the first time at this price, the SUB THREE also incorporates one of Vandersteen's most innovative and enduring technologies- 11-band room EQ for perfect bass in virtually any room. This technology originated with Vandersteen's Model 5 and continues in the KÄ’NTO, Quatro, the flagship Model Seven, and reference SUB NINE powered subwoofers. Over time, this crucial EQ technology has been employed in Vandersteen's powered 5A and Model 5A Carbon, but before the SUB THREE, the least expensive path to Vandersteen room EQ was the Quatro Wood CT. Vandersteen's legendary powered bass with room EQ is now more accessible than ever, and is in many non-Vandersteen setups as well.


Price: $4880




Vandersteen Model V2W subwoofer augments the deep bass response of a home theater speaker system, employing the home theater processor's dedicated subwoofer output. It provides the power, dynamics, and low-frequency detail required for superlative reproduction of both music and film. In addition to assuming the responsibility for deep bass reproduction, these subwoofers dramatically improve the mid-bass and midrange response of any speaker system. It couples advanced materials, construction, and design with innovative technology in a system that is always true to the emotion and content of the original sonic source.


Price: $3430




Center Speakers




Combining Science, Music and Home Theater the VCC- 5 Reference Center speaker sets new standards. The VCC-5 Reference Center was developed for use with Vandersteen's Quatro Wood CT, Model 5A Carbon and Model Seven speakers in high-performance multi-channel systems.


Price: $4340

CT version $5360




The music lover's center speaker, the VCC-2 is an on-wall, three-way center speaker designed to be the perfect companion for home theater systems built around Vandersteen's floorstanding three- and four-way speakers, including the Model 2Ce Signature II, Model 3A Signature, Treo (CT) and Quatro Wood CT.


Price: $2895

CT version $3900




The VCC-1 center speaker allows discerning music enthusiasts a path to a high-fidelity home theater system where all the speakers combine to create an expansive panorama of sound that enhances the emotional involvement and impact of the music video or movie experience. The VCC-1 is a two-way center-channel speaker built with a time- and phase-correct coaxial woofer/tweeter, and a perfect companion for Vandersteen home theater systems built around the Model 1Ci, VSM-1, and/or the VLR Wood.


Price: $1440




Power amplifier




Vandersteen Audio's liquid-cooled M7-HPA (High-Pass Amplifier) is the revolutionary next step in power amplifier design and loudspeaker performance. The dramatic reduction in distortion realized by VandersteenÂ?s patented Perfect-Pistonâ?¢ drivers (US patent #8320604) made it clear to Richard Vandersteen that the next frontier of speaker performance would only be achieved by designing a radical new state-of-the-art amplifier from the ground up, exclusively for systems employing Vandersteen's time- and phase-correct powered subwoofers and/or powered-bass loudspeaker systems.


Price: $110350 pair




Combining the M5 High Pass Amplifier (M5-HPA), including the speaker interface cable, and your Vandersteen speakers yields a fully-powered solution optimized by the factory. This  SOTA , single ended, mono block amplifier eliminates the need for an external crossover. This results in the most transparent dynamic sound possible, unheard of in this price range. 


Price: $27580 pair




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