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Welcome to our Moving Clearance Sale


Moving Sale Continues

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We will be selling almost everything at drastically reduced prices. Reasonable offers will be considered. These are mostly demo items but include some new, used and some parts/repair items that may be of use. This would include fixtures, furniture and paintings. Payments accepted are cash, etransfer and bank drafts. We will accept deposits to hold products for a 30 day period but all sales are final. Here are some of the items available. Items marked in red are sold.





Ayre EX8, Moon 330i, Vandersteen M5 HPA(original version), Vandersteen M5 HPA ,Moon 860A V2




Jadis Orchestra black, Kondo Souga, Kondo M Heritage, Kondo Overture PM2i, Kaiser Leading Edge Rack





Cardas Natilus Power Strip, Synergistic Research Powercell 8 UEF, Puritan PSM 156, Purepower Gold






Playback Design Dream MPT- 8, Playback Designs Dream MPD-8,( Moon 390 black , Aurender w20SE silver not shown)






Vandersteen Kento Carbon




Martin Logan Motion XT F100 and F200




Trenner & Friedl Osiris(grey and walnut pairs) Pharoah and RA




Vandersteen 2CEIII black, cherry, Treo CT and 3a Sig cherry




Trenner & Friedl Sun and ART, Vandersteen VLR CT, Kaiser Furioso Mini, Totem Fire V2, (Totem Kin Play black not shown)





Dynaudio Sub 6, Vandersteen Sub Three, Vicoustic DC2 white(5),( Vicoustic DC3 black (6),

Vicoustic VicPattern UltaWavewood white (2) not shown)





Brinkmann Spyder, Brinkmann 12.1, Esturo Urushi Bordeaux, Techdas III Premium, 

Glanz 124, Kondo IO-XP, Kondo GE-10i

Kondo SFZ, Brinkmann Ront II, Quadrspire Bamboo SV2T

(Moon 110 LPV2, Rega Fono MC Mk 3, not shown)



Dennison Protractor, Tonar Trackurate, Clearaudio Weight Watcher, Brinkmann Protractor,    Ortofon ST 80 SE, Dennison Pivotram



Ortofon LH6000, Ortofon 2m Red. Decca Super Gold,Esturo Urishi Bordeaux,

Hanna EL, Nagaoka MP200, Kondo IO-M,Kondo IO-XP, Rega Carbon,

Hiphonic MC-A3, Grado Green 2, Ortofon LW7N , (MSC MC carts for rebuild not shown)






Cardas Iriidium 1.5m,Cardas Parsec 1m, Cardas Parsec 1m XLR,

Cardas Clear Rev1 1/2m,  Cardas Iridium Phono 1m rca,

Cardas Clear 4.5m XLR, Cardas Clear Rev1 1m, Cardas Clear 1m,

Cardas Clear 1m XLR, (Kondo KSL VzII 1.2mdinL to rca not shown) 





Cardas Clear Power 1m, Puritan Ultimate 2.5m (2), Rega Power 1.5m , Cardas Clear 1.5m 20amp (2),

Puritan Classic + 2.5m,  Cardas Clear Beyond 1.5m (2), Puritan 2m 20amp





Cardas Clear Sky 2m bannanas, Naim wire white part roll and 8ft and 16ft pairs in black,Cardas Clear 3.0m (not Rev1)spades,

Cardas Clear Cygnes 2m biwire spades, Cardas Clear Reflection 2.5 biwire spades





Isoacoustics Bordeaux, Indigo, Bronze, Graphite,  Pucks, Gaia III, Stillpoints mini,Ultra SS,  3 mini Stillpoints with thread for Brinkmann Taurus/Bardo,

Cardas Multi blocks, Cardas small Myrtle blocks



Various equipment and speaker stands





Msc equipment for parts or repair


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