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Trenner & Friedl

Our ears allow us to explore spaces, without seeing them.Music fills these spaces with its life and carries us away.

This diving, losing ourselves in those unique, other worlds, has always fascinated us – and reproducing music that raises goosebumps has been TRENNER & FRIEDL's passion for 20 years now.

Only when everything fits together in harmony, is sound alive – becoming music.

To achieve this, we use only the finest components, which we are tirelessly measuring and matching for perfect final results.

We build by hand, with loving craft, in Austria, using local, natural materials wherever possible, while avoiding endangered hardwoods.







This loudspeaker has its origin in the very first beginning of Trenner & Friedl. Even before! More than 25 years ago, Andreas Friedl designed a very big (and we mean BIG) loudspeaker for his own use, a reference, a giant of joy. When he and Peter Trenner founded the brand, Taliesin (the grey) stayed with Peter for many years. It was the benchmark for all coming loudspeakers.Now the 25th anniversary is on the horizon, and the friends did not want celebrate without a Taliesin. The task was to make a worthy successor of the awesome forefather. It shall bear strength without limits, it shall be a bard, a fine spirit, a benchmark itself.


Price: $101000




Our new ISIS is very habitat-friendly. It fits into all styles, it is easy to integrate and its sound is celestial. The elegantly shaped cabinet leans back slightly. It seems to defy physics by "floating" over the massive bottom plate.All of this is for acoustic purposes, it minimizes inner standing waves and stiffens the construction. Because of the special aligned vents, the acoustic adaptation to the room succeeds perfectly. For the first time, we use our sawtooth profile boards for the cabinet walls. They are a third less voluminous and much stiffer than normal plywood. As a result, fine details sound even finer and high impulses are delivered effortlessly. The names of all our speakers traditionally come from musicians or bands. The post-metal band ISIS as namesake, stands for the boundlessly dynamic, exuberant, but also control and musicality.THIS IS IT.


Price: $43300




The original, standard-setting member of our new, Natural Fidelity Line of high-end loudspeakers: Design distilled to the essentials – Technology and Hand-Craftsmanship in perfect harmony. Ra's stoic exterior unleashes a musicality that simply doesn't let go – the eye calms, the ear rejoices. Ra plays with power and dynamics – if desired, even at original volume levels. At the same time, Ra maintains its delicate spirit, with a sensitivity for the finest nuance.The in-house finished tweeter, also deployed in our reference model Duke, is mounted concentrically at the heart of the 12” woofer, thereby achieving a stable, homogenous tonality, regardless of listening position.


Price: $24500




Although almost the same size, the new Pharoah looks more petit than its predecessor due to the slight incline and beveled edges. It perfectly combines engineering with fine craftsmanship. A highly stable housing made of birch plywood is hidden under the finely sanded surface made of hand-picked veneers. Inside, it was stiffened at critical points and houses two chambers of different sizes in order to minimize standing waves.


Price: $15790




With its petite proportions, Osiris takes up just a limited space in a living room! Placed close to walls, it exudes an elegant and discreet look.?? It will never dominate your room! But when music is playing... it will capture you in the blink of an eye! It will touch your heart with its huge soul, a precise, fast and organic sound, and can deliver a big WHAMM!!??Osiris hast it all!?


Price: $13000




Beauty in the world follows in it's proportions the golden section! We at Trenner & Friedl deal with these natural phenomena for more than 25 years. Not only to create beautiful speakers, but above all to achieve a harmonious and natural sound. But no speaker was as close to this goal as PHI:The inner division, the special bracing, the milled segments of the front to prevent bending waves, the driver unit, the cables, the derivative of the Structure-borne noise with different speeds of sound:All this submits to the golden ratio. Phi is a point source that is clearly designed to work in harmony with high-end amplifiers. With the special eye and attention to fine tube amplifier. The poetry of the golden section, the sound of nature.


Price: $11440




Compact Speakers




ART – it's someone you love to have around. It is attentive, subtle, has a story to tell. When it lets loose, it paints us stories in the most evocative colors. In things that we thought we knew well, it shows us completely new details.It integrates itself into our lives, as if it had always been there. And even if it's deftly prancing character might not lead one to suspect it at first, ART has a huge heart, expressing genuinely deep feelings ...In short: ART is probably the loudspeaker with the most potential to surprise you in our entire lineup – you have never heard small so big...


Price: $6655




Sun, the most compact of our loudspeakers, has many things in common with its big brother Ra: Both are designed to approximate the proportions of the golden section, and like Ra, Sun relies on a coaxial driver for sound reproduction. In the high-frequency region, a 2.54 mm silk-dome tweeter works its magic, while the mid-bass cone is constructed with black-anodized aluminum and, with its 12cm diameter, delivers bass that is nearly as deep as RA – even though our baby naturally does not play as loud in this range as the big brother… Sun does not interpret music, rather, he reproduces it: neutral, precise, and wonderfully coherent.With its coaxial construction, Sun is in the position to perfectly depict the room and space of the recorded event. Placement also raises no problems: Sun can be placed near the back wall and even feels at home in a bookshelf.You can easily lift Sun with one hand, but don’t be fooled by its compact size, as it delivers serious musical weight. Just as a small point in the heavens illuminates the entire day, Sun fills the room with sound.


Price: $4335




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