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Kondo Audio Note

Faithfully represent music with vivid and lively power is the pursuit of Kondo Audio Note.



Power Amplifier


Kaguri 2i


The Kagura 211 parallel single-ended monaural power amplifier has been accomplished by putting every know-how that Audio Note/Kondo created.

The world of elastic and coordinated sounds can be delineated only by analog amplifier, where music breathes of original sounds are brought back.

The new perspective flagship power amplifier is how Audio Note/Kondo would really like to be listened to by those who have been indulged in the deep charm of music.


Price: $232000 pr


Gakuoh II


Uncovering the hidden gems of Golden Tube 300B

The audio note 300B power amplifier has been reborn with the latest knowledge on traditional circuits.

Features include:

- New Generation original OPT for optimized 300B bass extension and vocal fidelity
- Improvements over classic 300B amplification circuit plus modern features
- Dual GZ34 rectification and strengthened power supply design
- New flagship silver signal capacitors and parts (applied also to Kagura, G-1000 and GE-10)


Price: $125000 pr




In order to provide delicate details and high dynamic for wide variety of music, this unit is designed with great deliberation using famous Pentode EL34 in a new designed push-pull circuitry. Values of each part and current are set precisely so that tube power amplifier could drive modern speakers well.

Push-pull circuit further refined from Overture

The first stage and driver stage are direct coupled, and a new generation pure silver foil capacitors with vibration suppression are used for coupling with the output stage. Moreover, the low impedance design of the whole circuit is aimed the direct sound performance. The output stage continue to employ CCB (constant current bias circuit). The music signal is prevented from flowing into the bias adjustment VR, enabling pure signal transmission.


Price: $46000








As our flagship preamplifier, G-1000 reaches Audio Note's highest specifications and quality standard. It is made of highest quality parts with uncompromising circuit design and layout. Our goal is simple : To get the ultimate expressions for music ! Through G-1000, you can hear grand soundstage filled with fine presence. Your audio will sound colorful, with rich ambience yet amazing instruments positioning.


Price: $123000


M7 Heritage


Classic M7 preamplifier was released in the late 1980s. It gained fame along with the legendary power amplifier ONGAKU.

While maintaining the emotional sound impression of this preamplifier, it was polished with updated crafts and technologies. Base on a well-thought-out circuit and high-quality parts that were inspected further by our eyes and hands, performance is improved and matching with modern systems is also improved.

On top of specification, wide and stable sound stage, lively emotions, and low noise level are realized.


Price: $68000




Aiming to get the best of both worlds.

Having elegant sound and good modern specifications, G-70 use the best components which were selected after long time listening tests.

Strong power supply, optimized wirings and layout, new heater circuitry etc. All for contributing the best sound quality.

Result is in addition to the best sound quality from a tube preamplifier, G-70 also has the specifications to compete with the best solid state preamplifier.


Price: $40000




Phono Preamplifier




This flagship phono amplifier GE-10 is a compilation of all knowledges and experiences of Audio Note.

It was designed to work with flagship preamplifier G-1000 to create an ultimate preamplifier system for analogue playback.


Price: $77000




Stereo NF type phono equalizer amplifier


Price: $24250




Designed to be the companion Phono amplifier of Integrated amplifier Overture and Pre-amplifier G-70, GE-1 gives the best out of analog playback with high definition and rich musical characters.

The newly developed phono amplifier circuitry is fueled by a gigantic power supply section. This special design draws the charms out of all recordings no matter matching with vacuum tube or solid state amplifier.

With intimate and crystal clear sound, GE-1 will definitely fill your audio enjoyment with ultimate pleasures.


Price: $14500




Integrated Amplifier




1989, the year of the bright history of Audio Note.

Audio Note's ONGAKU was born this year, instantly attracted attentions from audiophile around the world.

Audio Note's vacuum tube amplifiers started shipping overseas. Reviewers from leading audio magazines, e.g. "Hi-Fi Choice", "Audiophile" from UK and "The Absolute Sound" from US, reported their surprises and appreciations about the good sound qualities which they had never heard of. Among them, ONGAKU which employed big size power tubes 211 in the amplification stage; stole the hearts of audio fans with her overwhelming expression of rich musical details.

ONGAKU's magic and its good comments are still spinning around the world without slowing down.

Audio Note's high reputation and good comments are building up on this solid platform.


Price: $118000


Overture PMIIi


A new Overture with substantial improvements

Blending the high power output of Pentode EL34, with Triode's iconic richness in musicality.

Fully unleashed the wildness and dynamic of music while having all micro details expressed with textures.

Audio Note's philosophy of an ideal integrated amplifier. A simple audio system of excellent balance. Capable of giving the best from details, dynamic and musicality.


Price: $39000








Based on our silver wire application know-how compiled over years, we applied all our transformer winding skills and understandings of wire diameter versus sound characters. The new SFz is a result of full exploit of the excellent sound characteristic of pure (99.99%) silver.Complete freshness which awakes the delicate power of music expression over a quiet space.It is the ultimate pleasure for any analog lover.


Price: $14750








This is our 6th MC phono cartridge. It was born from the knowledge and techniques accumulated over the years since the first "IO" in 1979.

We continue to use alnico magnet for IO-XP. The low magnetic resistance provide a lot of advantages in terms of sound quality. Taking considerations of the assembly style and the magnetizing method, maximum magnetic capacity is obtained.

More accurate tracing is also achieved through setting the damping properly. In addition, by devising the body shape and internal structure to control the main body resonance, a natural and grand sound field is reproduced.


Price: $11200




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