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    Ayre, Jadis, Kondo, Naim, Moon, Rega, Soulution, Vandersteen



   Cardas, Kondo, Naim, Neotech


   Dacs and Digital Servers/Streamers

  Aurender, Ayre, Brinkmann, Chord, Meridian, Moon, Naim, Playback Designs



   Dynaudio, Harbeth, Kaiser Kawero, Martin Logan, Totem, Trenner & Friedl, Vandersteen.


   Stands and Isolation

   HRS, Isoacoustics, Kaiser,  Quadraspire



   Brinkmann, Oracle, Rega, Techdas, Thales


   Turntable Cartridges and Accessories

   Analogmagik, Acoustical Systems, Audiodesk, Benz Micro, Dynavector, EMT,  Esturo Urushi, Focal Headphones, Furitech, Grado, Kiseki, Kondo, Last, Nagaoka, Ortofon, Mobile Fidelity, Ortofon, PurePower, Rega, Thales, Tonar, Vicoustic








We offer a 30 day or longer warranty on most used products.

All prices in Canadian dollars.



  • Graham Slee Majestic Preamp DAC plus 2 monoblocks Proprius amplifiers - 2500
  • Heed Oblisk Si3 (this is a fantatastic amp for this price)-1300


  • Moon Mind 180 with Mind 2 board-1300
  • Moon 380D dac,optional varible out, two tone-2500



  • NHT  5- Model 1 speakers estate sale as is no tax 475(5)




  • Cambridge Minx 212 2.1 speaker system-275/3
  • Totem Kin Play black-740
  • Vandersteen 2CE Sig III cherry 1year old-3300
  • Harbeth  Super HL5 cherry with Foundation stands-3160



Rega Planar 8 with original case Neo PSU,new-20% off


  • Vandersteen X2 200K crossover - 110
  • Gershmann magnetic levatators-25
  • Will magnetic levators 50/4
  • 8 Quadraspire Q4L Bamboo shelf and silver 32mm posts 230/ shelf
  • Isoacustics  Puck 55/2
  • Grado PS 500e headphones-400
  • Grado RS1e headphones-500