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    Ayre, Cambridge Audio, Devialet, Jadis, Kondo, Naim, Moon, Rega, Soulution, Vandersteen


   Cardas, Kondo, Naim, Neotech, Siltech

   Dacs and Digital Servers/Streamers

  Aurender, Ayre, Brinkmann, Cambridge Audio, Chord, Meridian, Moon, Naim


   Dynaudio, Harbeth, Kaiser, Martin Logan, Totem, Trenner & Friedl, Vandersteen.

   Stands and Isolation

   HRS, Isoacoustics, Kaiser, Solid Tech, Quadraspire


   Brinkmann, Oracle, Rega, Techdas

   Turntable Cartridges and Accessories

   Analogmagik, Acoustical Systems, Audiodesk, Benz Micro, Dynavector, EMT, Furitech, Grado, Kiseki, Kondo, Last, Nagaoka,  Mobile Fidelity, Ortofon, Rega, Tonar, Vicoustic


We offer a 30 day or longer warranty on most used products.

All prices in Canadian dollars.


  • YBA 3 Delta pre and power black - 1300
  • Graham Slee Majestic Preamp DAC plus 2 monoblock Proprius amplifiers - 2500
  • Soulution 311 -12500

  • Ayre VX5 Twenty-7800


  • Enlightened Audio Design T1000 transport estate sale as is no tax-300 
  • Enlightened Audio Design Ulta Disc 2000 estate sale as is no tax -900
  • Enlightened AudioDesign DSP1000III estate sale as is no tax-450 
  • Theta DS Pro Prime II balanced estate sale as is-400
  • Rega Saturn CD player black-525


  • NHT  5 speaker system 2-VT2 towers, 1-VS2 center, 2-HDP rears  800
  • NHT 5- Model 1 speakers estate sale as is no tax 625
  • NHT SW2i sub only estate sale as is no tax-200
  • Nakamichi AV10 receiver estate sale as is no tax-150 


  • Amphion Creon light grey - 770
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6 black - 800
  • Sonus Faber Domus Grand Piano black - 2000
  • Hi Fi Racks stand for Harbeth P3ES-450  
  • NHT 1.3 estate sale as is no tax 275
  • JM Focal  Daline 3.1 estate sale as is no tax 550


  • Graham Slee Revelation M - 675
  • Burmester 100 fully loaded-10000
  • Ayre P5xe black-1900


  • Cardas Hexlink 5C 2.5m biwire spades to bananas - 350
  • 1pr Cardas Parsec 3.5m biwire spades - 650
  • Cardas Golden Reference 1/2 m XLR -300
  • ASL headphone amp MG Head DT - 250
  • Vandersteen X2 20K crossover - 110
  • Quadraspire Q4L 4 shelf cherry, large black posts 675
  • 8 Quadraspire Q4L Bamboo silver 32mm posts 250/ shelf