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In 1971, frustrated by the sound of professional recording equipment, Julian Vereker created the first Naim amplifier, the NAP160. Since then each product the company has produced has been guided by four principles:
  • Precision Engineering
  • Built to Last
  • Performance Upgradeable
  • Best in Class
All Naim products are hand crafted by highly trained individuals at dedicated work stations. The company's goal is that Naim equipment should last its owner a lifetime. With that in mind Naim understands that owner's expectations grow and that seeking 'better' is part of the audiophile experience. However, Naim believes that this should not necessarily entail buying a new system. Consequently Naim offers the owner of Naim products the opportunity to improve the performance of that which is already owned. Being Best in Class is important to Naim. They are not a company to jump on bandwagons. Case in point, Naim did not introduce a CD player until nearly a decade after the CD had been introduced, until they were certain that their CD player (the CDS) could rival the best vinyl experience.
The upshot is you don't have to buy a Bentley to hear Naim Audio. (Yup Bentley's have them.)

Available now at Soundstage Fine Audio.
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HEADLINE Headphone Amplifier 895
The HeadLine is an amplifier designed to offer optimum performance from a variety of high impedance headphones. It has its own volume control and is very, very quiet. Headphones can be very revealing of both noise and distortion. Naim went to great effort to bring these to extremely low levels.
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MU-SO 192 - Wireless Speaker 1899   |   Optional Grill Covers 109
I'd like to say this speaker is so big it wouldn't fit on the page but that's only partly true. With six speakers (dual 3-way), each driven by its own 75watt amp, what's big is the sound, incredibly big such that it defies the 2 foot (~63cm) width of the unit. Bass kick in particular is exhilarating thanks to the unique porting system within the enclosure. Other features include UPnP, AirPlay, Bluetooth, Internet Radio, Multiroom Streaming, USB and Spotify Connect. Control Mu-So with the fabulous onboard 'puck' or from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device with the Naim Control App, or use the included remote. Optical, USB as well as a 3.5mm jack complete the inputs. In addition to Wireless Ethernet connectivity is also provided. The Mu-So can be customized with optional grill fronts (see below), black being standard.
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MU-SO QB - Wireless Speaker 1299   
The latest wireless music system from Naim, the Mu-So QB. Featuring 300 watts of power in a compact cube. Its connectivity is inclusive, from Airplay to Bluetooth to Spotify and Tidal, as well as UPnP for access to your stored music. The QB also has internet radio. There are USB, analog and digital inputs and both iOS and Android app’s for complete control. The QB can be combined with other Naim products for a multi-room experience or multiple QB’s can be used in up to five rooms. Two tweeters and two mid-drivers are each driven by a 50w amplifier. One woofer is driven by a 100w amplifier but the QB also has two passive radiators for bass that defies its compact nature. At the heart of the QB is a 32-bit digital signal processor, the same component used in the original Mu-So above. What Hi-Fi gave the QB five stars and called it
“A small speaker with a big personality… combines style, substance and a whole lot of features at an affordable price”. The Mu-So QB comes with a standard black grill but other vibrant grill colours are available at extra charge as shown below.
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The unwritten rule that high-end audio necessitates separates has been broken. Superuniti is an integrated wireless UPnP network stream player (at up to 24bit/192kHz resolution from Naim hard disk servers, NAS devices or a home computer), USB audio player, iPod dock, internet radio, DAB/FM radio, ten input digital and analog preamplifier, DAC and stereo 80W power amplifier. It includes Bluetooth aptX connectivity and has built-in support for Spotify and TIDAL (free 90 day trial for TIDAL). Both iOS and Android apps let you control the Naim functions intuitively. Superuniti b supports a wide range of music formats including WAV, FLAC, DSD, Apple Lossless, AIFF, AAC, Windows Media-formatted files, Ogg, Vorbis and MP3. Multi Room and Party Mode compatible. Oh, and it sounds incredible thanks to NAIM combining technologies from their reference products. With typical NAIM quality this superb all-in-one streamer will delight.
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New and Improved is the oldest advertising cliché around. But sometimes it’s true - as is the case with the NaimUNITI 2b, Naim’s new and improved version of its original, revolutionary, all-in-one player. Sporting the same features as the SUPERUNITI above the NaimUNITI 2b also has a CD player. Power is 70W per channel. The five 24bit/192kHz S/PDIF input DAC, external digital audio sources such as Satellite TV’s or games consoles are a breeze for the NaimUNITI 2b. Analog hasn’t been forgotten with five phono sockets. In fact NaimUniti 2b has an analog heart derived from the NAIT 5s integrated amp. Sounds great. Just add speakers.
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UNITILite b 3995
Slimline all-in-one technology. The UNITILite b has most of the features of the other streamers above and includes a CD drawer. Power is 50W. It’s a NAIM product so the build is quality and the sound impeccable.
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It's a cliché that good things come in small packages but let's let the features speak for themselves:
  • UPnP enabled to allow streaming of audio files at up to 24bit/192kHz from Naim hard disk servers, NAS devices or a home computer
  • Spotify Connect is now built in with version 2 to allow streaming from the World's most popular streaming service
  • Native support for TIDAL with a free 90 trial
  • iOS and Android Naim app for intuitive control
  • Multi Room and Party Mode compatible
  • includes Bluetooth connectivity with aptX codec for quality audio
  • UPnP-enabled for playback of network-stored audio / internet broadcasts from PC, Mac or NAS drives
  • Multi-format radio (FM, DAB, Internet - vTuner 5* full service internet radio service)
  • Front-panel USB for iPod/MP3 player and USB memory stick playback
  • Apple authenticated enabling digital output from iPod/iPhone for ultimate quality
  • iPod/iPhone control, charging and front-panel content display when connected to front-panel USB port via standard Apple connector
  • 3.5mm front panel input that supports both analogue and digital sources
  • Two analogue inputs (3.5mm front-panel socket and RCA)
  • Onboard DAC with six 24bit / 192kHz capable S/PDIF inputs for external digital sources
  • Preamplifier and 45W per channel into 4Ohm, 30W per channel into 8Ohm power amplifier
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi network connectivity
  • Plays WAV, MP3, Windows Media-formatted content, AAC and FLAC from any suitable UPnP device together with WAV, AAC, MP3 and Apple Lossless
  • Front-panel display with intuitive interface, remote-controlled plus OLED display for high contrast
  • Front panel 3.5mm headphone output with Front panel logo touch-sensitive mute function
  • Linear Power supply with 200VA toroidal transformer with three separate windings
  • Separate power supplies for digital, analogue, and power amplifier
  • Ground selector switch for optimum performance
  • High quality Wolfson DAC Naim compact, non-resonant, non-magnetic case
Now how's that for a product that's also, um, Qute?
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NAIT XS2 Integrated Amplifier 3695
More powerful than its predecessor at 70 Watts per channel the new XS2 also features numerous refinements to further enhance its music making ability. Refinements such as ceramic heatsink technology, constant current source drive electronics and a reconfigured internal layout to optimize signal paths, plus custom manufactured capacitors in all audio critical locations. And how about a Class A headphone amplifier, the same one used in the SuperNait? "… powerful and delicate, dynamic and even-handed" is how the XS2 has been described.
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NAIT 5si Integrated Amplifier 2195
While the NAIT 5si occupies the same position in the Naim range as the original NAIT, its performance is from a different world. At 60 Watts per channel the NAIT 5si brings clarity and engaging dynamics to every music source and genre. Among the numerous improvement from the 5s is an all new headphone amplifier.
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SUPERNAIT 2 Integrated Amplifier 6495
The SUPERNAIT 2 is conceptually as close as is possible to get separate pre and power amps in one box. The SUPERNAIT 2 includes a Class A preamp output stage which doubles as a headphone amplifier. Ceramic heatsink technology minimizes capacitive coupling between the chassis and output transistors. Internal switching employs ultra low noise, constant current sources which are derived from the flagship NAC 552 preamp. At 80 Watts per channel the SUPERNAIT 2 is never fazed by the demands of either speaker or music. It simply delivers dynamic, detailed and engaging music.
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NAC 202 Preamplifier 4595
As Hi-Fi choice wrote "This is a brilliant combination of elegance, performance and features. At the same time, the ability of this system - and, most importantly, its sound - is beyond question." An ideal match to the NAP 200 amplifier below. Upgradeable, of course. Naim favours DIN inputs for their superior earthing and impedance matching but also includes the more familiar RCA phono connectors. Carefully matched precision potentiometers with precious metal wipers are used to preserve musical integrity and to ensure long-term stability. Yet another example of Naim's attention to quality and detail.
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NAP 200 Amplifier 4495
Its heritage is Naim's legendary NAP 500. This amplifier is so stable it can drive 2 ohm loads for "long periods of time". It utilizes an anti-resonance main audio circuit board and coupled with anti-vibration feet protect the internal components from resonance and microphonic vibration. Power output is 70W into 8 ohms. Match with the NAC 202 preamp above. They were literally made for each other.
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ND5 XS Network Player & DAC 4295
What to say about this 2011 Hi-Fi Winner? Well there's much more to this Network Player than can be covered even superficially in this short blurb. But suffice to say its a winner with a list of features that account for about every eventuality. Simply connect the ND5 XS to your home network, plug it into a spare amplifier input and the new world of streamed audio is yours. It can play the full range of audio file and stream formats at up to 24bit/192kHz resolution. It's Apple Authenticated of course and has a wide range of connectivity. And so that nothing is forgotten it even has an FM/DAB tuner. Come into Soundstage Fine Audio to find out more about this award winning Naim product.
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UnitiServe-SSD Hard Disk Player / Server 4995
Say goodbye to hard drive crashes. Solid State Drives (SSD's) don't have any moving parts to crash. They're ultra-fast and so quiet. UnitiServe-SSD is a compact, slot-loading, CD ripping, hard disk music player and server based on the technology of the multi-award-winning Naim HDX. It takes the fundamentals of the HDX - a solid state drive, Naim bit-perfect ripping, Ethernet connection, UPnPTM server, StreamNet technology and local digital outputs, and combines them with a set of features perfectly suited to music in the home of today, and tomorrow. Not limited to CD format or its internal storage, it can also play from front loaded memory sticks or use it to scan your network for NAS drives or network shares. Of course it will handle all the current formats up to 24bit/192kHz. But perhaps most significantly this unit can form the basis of your audio system.
It can replay ripped CDs into a digital input-equipped amplifier, such as the SUPERNAIT (above) or a digital to analogue converter like Naim's DAC (below). In addition the UnitiServe-SSD can operate as a UPnPTM server to stream audio to any UPnPTM playback device over a home network, such as UnitiQute (really above), to create a simple and fantastic sounding multi-room system. And for those wanting to put sound quality at the centre of whole-home control, UnitiServe-SSD is StreamNet-enabled and can also function as the heart of a sophisticated IP-based NaimNet multi-room system. However you choose to use UnitiServe-SSD, it can be controlled by an iPhone or iPod touch device running the dedicated Naim n-Serve app, a touch screen, or a computer anywhere on the home network either via a web browser or the Naim Desktop Client application.
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DAC 4595
The Naim DAC demonstrates that the jitter and noise that bedevil traditional external digital to analog converters can be overcome and a new route to the real enjoyment of music opened. The Naim DAC provides eight S/PDIF inputs, two USB inputs, and is capable of handling audio data sampled at up to 768kHz and with up to 24bit resolution. It not only brings all the digital inputs together into the analog domain, but does so with a level of performance that can compete with the finest. Listening to the Naim DAC is a revelation. Music, whether its source be an iPod, a CD or a high resolution data file (or a games console, seriously), is presented afresh, with more definition, more insight, more warmth, and simply more of those hard to-define values that distinguish the real thing from pale imitation. The Naim DAC is an advance that brings real music in the home closer to reality than ever before.
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DAC-V1 2795
The DAC-V1 is an asynchronous USB digital to analog converter with multiple digital S/PDIF inputs, precision volume control and a high quality headphone amplifier. It will produce stunning sound quality from your computer while turning it into a high quality, high resolution music hub. While the DAC-V1 is perfectly suited to being positioned on a desk near a computer it is also highly versatile. It can seamlessly integrate into a traditional sound system or be used with any 2 channel audio source such as a games console or satellite box or any other device with a digital output.
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STAGELINE Phonostage 695
The StageLine is a separate phono stage, available in either moving coil or moving magnet versions, designed to optimize sound quality from a wide range of cartridges. The StageLine can be powered either from a separate socket on the rear of NAIT XS or by a separate supply such as the FlatCap XS (below) for even better performance.
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NAPSC Power Supply 695
The NAPSC optional power supply can be purchased as an upgrade to the NAC 202 (above) with which it then supplies all the digital circuitry used for the preamplifier switching. The NAPSC can also be used to power the HeadLine headphone amplifier.
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FlatCap XS Power Supply 1895
The vital role played by the power supply in any hi-fi system is a long held Naim conviction and it has no better demonstration than the dual-rail power supply that is the FlatCap XS for increased musical fluency. This power supply can be used with or to upgrade a number of Naim products shown on this page. What you are seeing is the back of the unit. The end. Get it?