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FYI: We also carry a fine assortment of audiophile quality vinyl and SACD’s. Be sure to visit the Can Cave!
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Thanks for your understanding.
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                                All sale prices valid until items are sold or January 12th.
                                         N=New, U=Used, D=Demo

Speakers                                                   Reg        Sale

Cambridge Minx 2.1                                   749/3      299/3     N
Dynaudio Emit 10                                     1300pr      999pr     N
Dynaudio Emit 30                                     3200pr     1800pr    D
Harbeth 30.1 Rosewood                           6500pr     4200pr   N
Harbeth HL5+ Cherry                               7000pr      5000pr   N
Harbeth 30.2 40th Anniversary                 8000pr      6800pr   N
Totem Sky                                                 2000pr      1400pr   N
Totem Hawk                                              3500pr      2000pr   D
Totem Forest Sign                                     6800pr      4000pr   D
Devialet Phantom Silver                            3300ea     2300ea   D

Moon 250i                                                   2500       1700     D
Wells Majestic                                             4860       2700     D
Devialet 120                                                7000       3000     D
Devialet 130                                               10000      4000     U
Devialet 200                                               10000      4500     D
Devialet 440                                               24500     14000    D
Ayre V5xe                                                    8000       4000     D
Ayre KXR                                                   38600      22000    D
Ayre MXR                                                  43190pr  20000pr  U
Accuphase E600                                       16000        8500     D
Jadis I50                                                    14000        8000     D
Naim Nap 250DR                                        8500        4500     D

Moon Mind                                                  2300        1400     D
Aurender N100                                            3700        2700     D
Naim Unitiserve SSD                                   5000        1000     D
Naim Nac N272                                           7800         5000    D
Naim Uniti Nova                                           8795        6595     D        
Turntables and Phono accessories
Cambridge CP1 phono                                   229         150     N
Grado Red1 cartridge                                     220         150     N
Rega Elys II cartridge                                      359         250     N
Rega Neo Psu                                                 549         420     N
Rega Fono MC                                                599         450     N
Rega Planar 6 w Exact                                   2499      1900     N
Moon 110 LP phono                                        650        450     N
Graham Slee Revelation M                            1499        900     D
Thorens TD206 red                                        1800        950     D
Burmeister 1001MC                                     20000    10000     D
Brinkman Oasis 10.5 tonearm                      19000    11000    D
Kiseki Purple Heart cartridge 500hrs             4500       2000    D
Benz Micro LP cartridge                                4600        3000   N
Benz Micro LPS cartridge 75hrs                    4600       3000    D
Air Tight PC1 cartridge 75hrs                        9000        4500    D
Dynavector 10X5 cartridge                             600          450    N
Dynavector DV20 X2H                                  1100          800    N
Audio Research Ref Phono 3                      19000      11000    D

Cardas Clear Power cords                            1105         675     N
Mitchell & Johnson MJ2 headphone               700         450     N
Grado GS1000 headphone                           1300         900     D
Sennheiser HD 1 headphone                          450         300     N
Stax SRM 007tII tube amp                           2795        1600     D
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Soundstage Fine Audio’s latest addition - the legendary Soulution line of electronics. “The most realistic sound this side of live music.” says Mark of this renowned Swiss manufacturer. Shown above are the innards of the famed and coveted 701 mono block. One reviewer said it took three people to get it inside his house! Soulution has three lines of products. Visit the Soulution page by clicking on the 701.
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TRENNER AND FRIEDL now at Soundstage Fine Audio
Hand-made speakers from Austria that blend American quality with European sound. The Trenner Friedl speakers are unique in a number of ways. Aesthetically pleasing, sumptuous sounding and both wall and corner placement friendly. Many of the speaker in the line are also high efficiency and are the perfect partner for low powered tube amplifiers. Large, beautifully crafted and finished cabinets house unique drivers seldom seen in present day speakers. Click on the photo above to go to the Trenner and Friedl page.
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Incorporating the LS28 LINE STAGE PREAMPLIFIER, the VT80SE AMPLIFIER and the DAC 9, AUDIO RESEARCH introduces THE FOUNDATION SERIES, same outstanding quality in both build and performance at a reduced price. Click above to find out more about these wonderful products.
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The multi-award winning portable DAC/Amp has been updated. Click on the photo above to read all about it as well as the other CHORD offerings - CHORD MOJO and the CHORDETTE 2QUTE.
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Naim is shipping new ALL-IN-ONE players, rippers, streamers with integrated amps plus, plus - featuring the UNITI Nova, UNITI Star, UNITI Atom and UNITI Core. It’s an impressive update to an already impressive system. Click on the photo above to be taken to the Naim page.
Lots of New Stuff to see (and hear) including…

- Naim Uniti Star and Uniti Atom
- Audio Desk state of the art record cleaning machine
- Rega Planar 6 and Ania moving coil
- Rega Neo power supply
- Aurender A10 Streamer MQA Dac
- Audio Research VT80 amp
- Synergistic Research Power Cell
- Soulution Electronics
- Mitchell and Johnson Electrostatic headphones
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One of the World’s most popular headphones. due to their exceptional value, just got better.
The HIFIMAN 400i sold for
649 is now on sale for 299.
This super comfortable Planar Magnetic Headphone is only available in a limited quantity at this price.
Other in-stock headphones are on special as well - IN STORE shopping only!
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Soundstage Fine Audio is pleased to welcome back Simaudio’s Moon series of audio components. First introduced in 1980, Soundstage was the first Simaudio dealer in Ontario, having recognized the unique performance and value of this fine Canadian brand. Now with new innovative products such as MiND and a renewed commitment to excellence, the Simaudio Moon line of products are a perfect fit for Soundstage.
Click on the logo to find out more about this line of components.
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Click on the graphic to go to the Clearance Sale page.
Incredible offerings with incredible pricing.
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Meet Treepod from Devialet. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. This minimalist design is the perfect combination of form, function and technology. Treepod is holding the new Devialet Gold speaker . 4,500W, 108dB, 14Hz - 27kHz. Capable of producing the sound level of a live rock concert.
Click on the image to learn more about these new products as well as information about the new
Expert Pro line of amplification from Devialet.
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Two new turntables from Rega. The Planar 2 (top) and the Planar 3 (bottom). The Planar 3 replaces the multi-award winning RP3, no mean feat.
Click on the photos above to be taken to the Rega product page to find out more.
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Another new model from Martin Logan - the Expression ESL 13A.
This will replace the Summit X and has some very interesting features including larger panels and larger bass cabinet. The bass can be EQ allowing excellent response in any room.
Click on the photo to learn more.
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Okki Nokki RCM (Record Cleaning Machine) is now at Soundstage Fine Audio.
Regular 699 on sale now for 649. Dust cover is available for 75.
Click on the photo to find out more about this device.
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Two new from Dynaudio.
The Xeo 2, Dynaudio’s smallest self-powered speakers and the Emit M30, from a new series of high performance, lower cost, but still made in Denmark floor-standing loudspeakers.
Click on the photo to find out more.
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From the company known for the finest preamplifiers comes the Audio Research Reference 6.
The Reference 6 improves upon its predecessor in every way.
Click on the photo to find out how.
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Martin Logan introduces the Renaissance ESL 15A and they are gorgeous.
Not only the looks but the sound, wow.
Click on the photo to learn more.
What’s New at Soundstage Fine Audio?
Full product write-ups will be forthcoming but we just wanted to let you know about our new arrivals now.
  • Chord 2Qute USB DAC
  • Chord Mojo HP Amp
  • Thoress Phono Equalizer
  • Aurender N100 H Music Server
  • Aurender N10 Music Server
  • Jadis Orchestra Amp
  • Jadis I 50 Amp
  • Air Tight ATM 201H Amp
  • Air Tight PC1 Reference MC Cartridge
  • Project PRM3 Carbon Turntable
  • Oracle Phono Equalizer
  • Brinkmann Spyder Turntable
  • Kiseki Purple Heart Cartridge
  • Cambridge CXN Streamer
  • Cambridge CXU Universal Player
  • Clearaudio Smart Matrix Pro RCM
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Aurender music server / streamers are now here and they are amazing. To find out why these should replace your Mac Mini click on the photos above.
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From Ayre comes Codex, a versatile headphone amp, DAC and digital preamp.
Click on the photo to learn more.
With the growing and justified popularity of headphones, earphones and related amplification/DAC devices, Soundstage Fine Audio is pleased to announce that we now have a room solely dedicated to the Headphone Experience. We call it The Can Cave. While in The Cave you'll be able to audition the quality offerings we have garnered from the premier manufacturers of headphone and headphone associated equipment, at your pleasure. To make your search easier we have also added a new menu item entitled 'Our Headphones+' . Clicking on the menu item, or the photos below, will take you to that page where from one spot you will be able to navigate to and read about all of our exceptional headphone products.
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  • Stacks Image 2225
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The long anticipated Devialet Phantom line of speakers and accessories is now available for audition and sale. Click on the Phantom above to learn more about this revolutionary line of products.
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Soundstage Fine Audio is pleased to welcome Dynaudio, the renowned Danish maker of reference speakers. Soundstage will be featuring the Focus XD series of speakers, 24 bit / 192kHz wireless, lossless resolution from source to speaker. All you'll need is a source. Click on the photo above to learn more about this latest addition to the Soundstage family of Fine Audio products.
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  • Stacks Image 2519
  • Stacks Image 2521
More exciting news from Audio Research. The Reference amplifier series has had significant upgrades. Now designated as Reference SE all feature the new, designed specifically for the audio industry, KT150 vacuum tubes. Incorporating larger power supplies and other internal enhancements the bar for high definition has once again been raised. Click here to read more.
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Any news out of Audio Research is always big news. This is not the exception.
Audio Research has released a new preamplifier - the GSPre and a new amplifier - the GS150. The early buzz is that these may well be classics.
Click on the photos to read more about them.
Come into the store to preview them.
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Naim has entered the wireless speaker world with a bold first offering - the Mu-So. Six speakers powered by six amps putting out 450 watts lends a whole new definition to being blown away.
Click on the above for more information about Naim Mu-So.
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Say hello to Crescendo, MartinLogan's premium wireless speaker. Dual folded tweeters plus a 5x7" mid/bass woofer (with the option to add a subwoofer) makes this aesthetically pleasing system as much a joy to behold as it is to listen to. Click on the above to find out more.
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The long awaited and much anticipated Rega RP10 skeletal turntable is now available - featuring the stunning new RB2000 tonearm, second generation ceramic platter and lightweight phenolic plinth.
Click on the photo to find out more.
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Update: MKII Chord available soon
Called Hugo because you can take Hugo wherever 'you-go' - seriously. You have to love a company with a sense of humour but Hugo is a dead serious device that offers studio-master-tape sound quality, advanced connectivity (including Bluetooth) and uncompromising file playback capability - all in a palm-sized player! Hugo is the world's most advanced headphone amp/DAC and the most advanced 32-bit DAC CHORD has ever made. Mark describes it as "the Swiss Army Knife of electronics" and adds, "it's good enough for home use and mind-blowing on the road". So there Hu-Go!
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Soundstage Fine Audio is pleased to welcome the return of legendary high-end Accuphase Laboratories Inc. and their Accuphase DP-720, their best all-in-one SACD/CD player. Inside eight 32bit ESS "Hyperstream" DAC chips run in parallel. Accuphase calls this "Multiple Double Stream DSD". Accuphase is renowned for their obsessive build quality. Their custom built transport and DAC insure exceptional performance and reliability.
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It's rare to see Mark positively giddy with excitement but so it was when he presented his "favourite phono stage". Apparently he's not alone. Says Hi-Fi +'s Alan Sircom, "… it's not so much a hi-fi component as a phono laboratory. It's the vinyl archivist's dream…". Incredibly built and totally flexible the Burmester 100's sonic performance means this is the last phono stage you will ever own. Details are presented in abundance and in a musical way, allowing you to hear your treasured LP's for the very first time.
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The multi-award winning Estelon Model X line of loudspeakers has found a home exclusively at Soundstage Fine Audio. OMG
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Founded in 1938 this Japanese company introduced their first electrostatic headphone, or 'earspeaker', in 1960, the model SR-1. For close to three quarters of a century STAX has continued to develop state of the art headphones and headphone amplification systems. Soundstage Fine Audio is pleased to announce that we are now carrying this legendary line. Click on the above to be taken to our STAX page where you will find descriptions of these fine STAX products as well as money saving packages.
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Ayre has just introduced 3 exciting new products - the AX-5 Integrated Amplifier; the VX-5 Amplifier and the KX-5 Preamplifier. Each of these new offerings features Ayre's new Diamond output stage. How big a deal is that? Well when the golden ear reviewers start saying things like, "… it’s one of the finest amps I’ve lived with, period" or "… as perfect a power amp as I’ve seen lately" or "… this is better than a well-known product costing five times as much" you know something is up. The circuitry adds a warmth to the already natural Ayre sound, unheard of in a solid state device. Mark is VERY high on these units. Find out why by auditioning them for yourself. But first click on the Ayre logo to find out more about these fantastic Ayre 5 series products.
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Connect the new NAIM DAC-V1 to your PC, Mac or laptop via a standard USB cable and the quality of your music will be defined not by the limitations of the computer hardware but by the quality of the data itself. And with the DAC-V1 that can be incredibly high, up to 24bit/384kHz resolution.
Click on the photo to find out more.
Audio Research Replaces REF CD8 with new REF CD9 / DAC
After four years of winning both acclaim and rewards for the Reference CD8, Audio Research has seen fit to replace it. A lot has changed in those four years. People still want play their CD's but they now also want to add other digital sources, such as computer audio, to their music systems.
Enter the Reference CD9 CD DAC. Click on the photo below to learn more about it.
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Audiophile Vinyl comes to K-W!
Soundstage Fine Audio is pleased to announce the addition of our new audiophile RECORD and CD department. Great Jazz and Rock albums and cd’s are arriving weekly. Limited editions, 200 gram and remastered vinyl at competitive prices.
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Cambridge Releases Azur 851C - Upsampling DAC, CD Player, PreAmplifier
It's the combination of Cambridge Audio's in-house technology, multi-function flexibility and high-end audiophile componentry that makes the 851C Cambridge Audio's most advanced digital player to date, regardless of format. Click on the image below to learn more about this amazing CD Player.
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Cambridge Releases Flagship BD Player
No matter what you want to play, whether it's movies in surround sound or pure stereo music and no matter what format it arrives in - the Cambridge Audio 752BD Universal Blu-ray Player will deliver the best results you've ever seen and heard. What all it can do is quite incredible. In fact one box really does it all and does it all brilliantly. Click on the photo below to learn more about it.
Stacks Image 300
News from Audio Research
Check in at the Audio Research page to read more about the products we’re carrying from this extraordinary manufacturer. And now here the new Reference 75 amplifier! OK, so when you look at the photos they may seem blurred. That’s because they are, um, blurred. We have no idea why every Audio Research product has a blurred photo but trust us the sound is much more defined. Click on the drop dead gorgeous Reference 75 amplifier below to get whisked away to the Audio Research page.
Stacks Image 182
New Entry Level Oracle Paris is In-House
As Art Dudley from The Stereophile concluded, “But the thing is, the Paris plays my records in a way that makes sonic and musical sense. In other words, this thing just plain works.” And everyone has swooned at how great it looks. Good looking and works?! Now there’s an idea. Click on the photo below to be whisked away to the Oracle page.
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Zesto Audio Andros PS1 Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier
Labelled an “Instant Classic” by Paul Seydor of The Absolute Sound he covers his review by saying, “It’s one of the lovliest-sounding electronic components I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing”. Priced at $4000 Seydor also said that he would choose the PS1 over phono preamps he has heard that cost “tens of thousands of dollars”. When a vinyl record is made the volume of the bass is reduced and the treble is increased. Otherwise the bass would cut a groove too big for the stylus to read (or for the music to fit on the record). The phono stage takes the signal from your cartridge and adjusts it so that the bass and treble are restored to their original volume. This standard is the RIAA curve. Each PS1 is hand built. Each unit has been burned in for 50 hours prior to shipping. The noise level is remarkably low, -75dBu, so even the quietest of passages will be heard. Componentry is beyond compare which includes the award winning Isonode anti-vibration feet and gold plated connectors. The PS1 can accommodate both high and low moving coil cartridges. And it’s as lovely to look at as Seydor says it is to hear. Hear it for yourself.
Stacks Image 197
New Products from Cambridge Audio
Click on the photo of the new DacMagic Plus below to read about the latest products to come out of Cambridge Audio. These include, in addition to the DacMagic Plus, the Stream Magic 6, (the bigger brother to the NP30 with a DacMagic Plus built-in), the 551R 7.1 Receiver and the ID 100 iPad Dock.
Stacks Image 206
What's in a NAIM? Pun aside, a lot. At long last the legendary British manufacturer of award winning high-end audio products is at Soundstage Fine Audio. Soundstage would be pleased to demonstrate for you NAIM's Amps (integrated or separate as well as headphone), Preamp, Network devices and Server, DAC, as well as their revered Power Supplies. Just click on the photo of the Naim UnitiQute, which 'What Hi-Fi' gave 5/5 stars warning Naim "... to crank up the production" as they predicted (correctly) that this little unit was going to be big, to see the NAIM product line.
Stacks Image 213
Soundstage is pleased to be demonstrating the new Reference Phono 2 SE, Reference 5 SE and Reference 250 Monoblocks. After hearing this system in Denver we were so impressed we had to bring it to Soundstage. It subsequently won Best Sound at the show.
We also have the DAC 8 and VSI 60 available for audition.
Other models to follow.
Stacks Image 220
This new stereo 200 Watt per channel amplifier is as impressive sounding as it is looking. Carved from a solid block of aluminum and using Ayre’s Equilock fully balanced with zero feedback technology, this amplifier speaks the musical truth.
Stacks Image 229
This turntable keeps running and running with legendary quietness. State of the art in aesthetics and technology, this easy to set up and use turntable represents a lifetime investment in musical satisfaction.
Other Brinkman models are available starting at $6900
Stacks Image 236
A brand new design from this legendary manufacturer. New driver technologies allow this phase and time coherent design to reach new levels of openness and imaging accuracy.
Many choices of real wood finishes are available.
Stacks Image 243
Sparkling harmonics, incredibly low distortion and unequalled realism are the hallmarks of high-end speaker systems. Now these qualities have been engineered into AKG’s most accurate and responsive headphones, the Quincy Jones Signature Line. See and hear them at Soundstage Fine Audio.
Stacks Image 255
“The Greatest Advance in Audio Technology in My Career”
Mark Elias, Owner, Soundstage Fine Audio
Stacks Image 292
Once every generation or so a product appears that shifts the paradigm.
It’s something that introduces a new technology so radical it re-establishes ground zero.
It’s something that exceeds the hyperbole. A product that can truly be called ‘game-changer’.
Soundstage Fine Audio is pleased to present - exclusively - the Devialet D-Premier.
To find out for yourself what all the excitement is about, click on the photo above.
Ayre DX-5 Universal A/V Engine
The new DX-5 universal player can handle not only SACD, CD and DVD-Audio, but also DVD and Blu-ray discs. Mark says, “This unit is an improved version of the CX-5e, one of the most respected high quality CD players on the market. It also improves on the performance of the QB9 USB Dac which in my experience is one of the finest computer music systems on the market for a fraction of the cost of the competition.”
Stacks Image 311
Cardas Clear Cables!
The Ultimate statement in cables from one of Audio’s most respected manufacturers. Wild dynamics and a huge soundstage join with the typical Cardas tone and harmonic structure to bring you one step closer to reality. Click here to find out more.
The British are Coming! The British are Coming!

Two of England’s most highly regarded speaker manufacturers, Pro Ac and Harbeth, have squared off at Soundstage Fine Audio to bring you a musical competition where YOU decide the winner. Click to find out more about these great speaker lines.
Stacks Image 355
Stacks Image 359
Stacks Image 357
Ayre QB9
Well it turns out I was wrong about USB DAC’s in general but at least I was right about the Ayre QB9. Most DAC’s just don’t work that well but the Ayre QB9 with its optical decoupler and asynchronous clocking system reduces jitters to miniscule levels. Then their MP digital filter reduces pre and post ringing to give a liquid quality to streamed music that was not previously available from your computer. This is a breakthrough product that will compete with CD players at twice its price.
Stacks Image 378
Mark is in LOVE!
If Mark has been avoiding your phone calls it’s because his new found love has been occupying all of his time. After a lifetime of searching for the real thing, the Martin Logan CLX - Ayre KXR/MXR system has met all of his expectations. Come in for a listen - but don’t expect him to share too long! Who knew sound reproduction could be this good?
Stacks Image 400
Vandersteen 5A - Unbelievable!
Possibly the most practical near perfect speaker on the planet. Equalized bass for easy placement, full range sound (subwoofer included) in a compact unobtrusive design. Sound to die for.
Available in custom finishes.
Stacks Image 422